Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adventures with Sam

Rick was in Dallas for work this week.  Why does he always get to go to Dallas, one of my top 5 favorite places in the U.S.???  Why can't his business trips be to Idaho or Nebraska?  Anyway, his absence resulted in even more driving for me than my regular 50 miles in town a day.  The worst part was the early mornings taking Cody to school.  We leave the house at 6:45 and, once again, it was dark each morning.  Blah!  I just don't think we were meant to be up and about before the sun.   I took this pick on the way home to get the other kids of the sunrise.  I definitely prefer sunsets!
This is Sam's Birthday month.  He is turning 9 years old on the 30th.  I noticed when I was looking through my recent pics that I have lots of pics of him and his activities.  I thought I would share them.
Sam's Birthday Date with Rick and Me.
He chose Panda Express.
This picture represents Sam perfectly.  He is passionate about life and just dives right in.  
He doesn't really know the meaning of moderation.  

He is the one I am most concerned about when it comes to finances when he is older.
The minute he gets money, it is painful for him to not spend it.  
He was so anxious to spend his money one time that he begged me to let him buy me paper towels.  He just could not stand to leave the store without spending some money just because he had some!!

I had the privilege this week of participating in a Buffalo Eyeball Dissection with him!
He is so excited, he can hardly contain himself.

He is a little scientist and engineer at heart.  
He loves to do experiments and take things apart to see how they work.
The Eyeball!
The only part that really bothered me were the eyelashes!  Can you see them?  Creepy!
Sam is also a little prankster.  He has the best sense of humor and says the funniest things.
Here he is pretending he is holding his own eyeball!
The kids were able to touch it all they wanted, but could not do any of the cutting
We found all the parts of the eye.
Who knew a retina could be so colorful?
Afterwards, they had to record their findings in a scientific report.
Sam has also started up his basketball season.  This is his third year to play.  I can really see him improving each year!  He truly loves the game and has fun whether they win or lose.  That is a good thing because the first two games were painful to watch.
He is number 9 and is point guard for the team.
Rick is the assistant coach for his team.
Taking a breather on the bench.
Coach Chris coaching them during half time
On Friday night, Cody, Lauren, and Abby were all out doing their things.  That left Isaiah, Laila and Sam with me.  We were anxiously waiting for Rick to return from Dallas so we made a little stop at TCBY to pass the time with a treat.  
Because of a deal I had, we all 4 ate for $4!!
Sam is freezing after his cotton candy froyo!
I am looking forward to celebrating Sam over the next few days.  We are having his family party tonight, and we have some fun things planned for his actual bday.   I have so much more to say about him.  I will save it for his bday post!

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