Monday, August 13, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

We went to Young Life Family Camp over the weekend.  It was a blast in so many ways.  I will dedicate a whole post to that.  

I came back with Croup.  I spent most of the night last night on the couch propped up because I couldn't stop barking.  I was at 4 different doctors offices today and none of the visits were for me.   

Today I took Cody for his sports physical.  He is officially as tall as me now.  It is so weird to look him in the eye when I am trying to be his mom.

Abby went to the asthma doctor for a check up.  She is doing very well and her asthma is under control.

Laila is the best toilet paper deliverer in the world.  
 Lil' Licious in da House
 Oh, and one more tiny little detail.  Lauren broke her arm last night.  Oh, yes she did!  
This chick made it through a whole weekend of activities(high ropes course, zipline, rock climbing walls, gigantic swing, etc.) without a scratch.  Last night at a cookout, she slipped as she was kicking a soccer ball and caught herself with her wrist.  It broke the bone completely in half.

This cast is not going to match her school uniforms!  She is such a rebel.  This was one school supply I didn't plan on buying.  I am really glad she is left handed!

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