Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School Extravaganza 2012

The last week has been a whirlwind of Back to School activities.  When you say the title above, you have to do jazz hands to fully express the meaning of "Extravaganza."  Since I was sick for about a week, we packed some back to school fun into that last couple of days before the kids returned to school.  It all started last Wednesday with Lauren, Abby, and Sam's "Meet and Greets".  This is where we take our school supplies to the classroom and meet the teachers.  They also get to find out who is in their classrooms.  This is an "open house" format, but it literally takes us the whole time to get everyones supplies to the appropriate places.  I didn't take a picture of ALL the school supplies this year.  Let's just say, "many shopping trips were made, hundreds of dollars were spent, and we had about18 bags of supplies to deliver!"  
Sam is excited to have his first ever locker
 His teacher, Mrs. Durck
 Abby's locker
 Her teacher, Mrs. Rogers
 Lauren at her desk
 Her teacher, Mrs. Peck
 One of the things on our summer fun list was Fargos Pizza.  This place has been in Colorado Springs for years.  We had never been as a family so we decided to make it a back to school celebration on Sunday night.  We filled a booth.
 The thing that makes this place unique is the the historic decor and design.  The workers dress in old style clothing.  Honestly, I didn't care for the place.  I know some people will be appalled by that.  I couldn't wait to get out of there.  I don't really ever need to go back.  The kids enjoyed, that is what matters.
 The famous player piano
 A final day before school starts breakfast
 On our last day off, we went to see Madagascar 3 in 3D at the dollar theater.  This was the first 3D movie for most of the kids.  They loved it!
 We ended our time using our online deal to Kozy Korner Frozen Yogurt.  
These kids sat in the actual kozy korner.
 Sam and Cody sat elsewhere
 Just a few snacks to go into the snack bucket for school.  
I have found if I package them, the kids can grab them quickly and they will get a proper serving size.  It makes the food last longer and not get wasted.  I will try every trick I can when I am feeding 6 hungry children on a budget!
 It is our family tradition for Rick and I to take the Kindergartener out for a special breakfast at Gunther Toody's on his first day of school.  On Monday, we did that with Isaiah.

 He loved his hot chocolate!
 Next up, Isaiah's Meet and Greet!

 His teacher, Mrs Hoyt
 The picture he drew of himself in his school uniform
 Our family.  That took a while to do.
 At his desk putting away his supplies
 Finally, Tuesday, August 21, the first day of school arrived.  It was a crazy morning.  Everyone was up bright and early.  I made smoothies for breakfast.  Sam found some containers of rotten food in his lunch box from last year.  That was lovely.  The kids have different school starting times so the photo shoots were staggered.
Cody was first.  This is the best I could get out of him.  He is going into 8th grade. He says this is the last year I get to take pictures.  We'll see about that.
I love that their uniforms now include grey shorts/pants and any color polo.
 Next up, Lauren, Abby, and Sam
 Isaiah and Laila didn't want to be left out.
 Lauren is in 6th grade(her last year in elementary0
 Abby is in 4th grade
 Sam is in 3rd grade
 Isaiah goes to afternoon Kindergarten
Laila begins school next week.  I felt so exhausted yesterday.  I think the sickness that I had and the work of shopping for school supplies and school uniforms caught up with me.  Laila and I dropped Isaiah off at school and came home to take a nap.  It was luxurious.  We both needed it.

Then, it was time to pick everyone up.  Let's just say everyone was exhausted.  It. was. not. pretty. on the ride home and throughout the evening.  It is hard to get back into the routine.  Hopefully each day will get a little easier!!

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  1. Jazz hands indeed! I love your life :)

    Isaiah's back to school pose is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.