Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Cool Kid

My baby is in preschool, my sweet, shy little baby girl.  She is truly a treasure.  She has gone from a chunky 25 lb. 9 month old little girl with a furrowed brow, to this smiley, confident, loving young lady.   
 Every day, I marvel at who she has become.  Now, she is starting school.  Last week we had her Meet and Greet.  She has the same teacher that Isaiah did.  That is a huge blessing and is making this transition so much more comfortable for her.  I know I took a picture of her with her teacher, but cannot find it on my camera.  I will have to take another one.
After delivering her supplies, she did a little scavenger hunt around the room to find each of the stations on her "map".  She did great!
 She left that day so excited for her upcoming first day of school.  On that day she was little Miss Sassy:
 Notice she has on 2 pairs of sunglasses.  
She said that was so she could be REALLY cool!
 Check out that Rapunzel backpack
 She had a great day of school.  She marched her little self right into that room without hesitation.  She did her little jobs and waved me out the door.  When I arrived to pick her up, she was in Circle Time singing and clapping.  She turned around, smiled and waved at me.  
 When she walked out to see me, I asked about her day.  She said, "It was great!"  As we were driving to pick up the other kids I asked her about her day.  She said she did snack time, yoga, recess, painting, and story time.  I asked her what the names of her classmates were.  She said, "Sascha, Sofian, Finn, Kenzie, Flynn Ryder, Justin Bieber."  That made me laugh so hard.  The first 4 names were real classmates.  She said, "I am just being silly."

On Sunday, Cody was setting up a soda stand.  One of the kids said, "You should have Laila stand out there with you and say to the people passing by, "Would you yike to buy a soya?"(Would you like to buy a soda)in her cute little voice.  Then we said, "No, what you should do is dress her up like a little soda mascot."  That is exactly what he did.  I am sure he sold more sodas with her help.
Dr. Pepper is her favorite soda!
She says two little things that just crack me up these days.  If one of the bigger kids says some questionable words like stupid, idiot, etc. or are fighting with each other, she will call out "yanguage"(language).  Also, if a not-so-nice song comes on the radio, she will yell out "appwopwiate" (appropriate), meaning "we shouldn't be listening to that song."  It is adorable.  We have deemed her our little language policeman.

I hate to see these days pass by, but I am also excited about the little lady she is becoming.  She has been exhausted each evening after going to school.  She loves it, but the little introvert in her can only take so much interaction.  When I went to drop her off today, she said, "Mommy, I miss you when I am at school.  School lasts 20 hundred seconds.  It is long."  She is looking forward to her long weekend(5 days off).

I am experiencing some freedom of my own.  I will share more about how I have spent my 2 1/2 hours each day this week in another post.

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