Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another Year of Life

Yesterday was a bit of a bittersweet day, but not because it was my Birthday.  It was bittersweet because there are fires raging once again in Colorado Springs.  We thought last summer's fires were bad, and they were, but this fire is already worse and still is not anywhere close to being contained.  It was hard to celebrate when I knew so many people were dealing with such devastating terror and losses.  Many, many people from our church family and other friends are evacuated from their homes.  Many are finding out their homes are a total loss.  Even those whose homes are standing will not escape this ordeal without wounds, scars, and damage to deal with.  This kind of disaster cuts deep; deep into the hearts and minds of people.  Even my own children have been impacted and their exposure has been very limited and minimal.  

I hate to be away, but also believe that we are better off at this point.  3 of my kids struggle with breathing issues.  Their health could be greatly affected by the air quality right now.  We wouldn't be able to go outside.  We couldn't run our air conditioners.  We couldn't open our windows.  That would be a challenge in the 90 degree temperatures they are having. 

So, I am trying to peel my eyes away from the news reports over the internet. I am praying desperately for all involved. Yesterday, we still celebrated the milestone that is my 41st bday.  Because you have to.  You have to live life even when life is debilitating.  While one family is mourning a loss, another is celebrating a birth.  There are ALWAYS reasons to celebrate AND there are ALWAYS reasons to grieve.  

My day was filled with many reasons to celebrate.  I began my day with a nice cup of coffee on the porch of my parents' home in KY.  It was going to be a hot day, the hottest while we are here, and that was a gift for me.  I love the heat.  I love the humidity.  God delivered that right to me on my special day!

We had the blessed treat of being able to visit with friends from Dallas.  They just happened to be driving through KY yesterday with a stop at Mammoth Cave National Park planned.  That just happens to be only 30 minutes from where I grew up.  So, we gathered at an outdoor area to chat and catch up while the kids had some adventures of their own.
Laila and Abby practiced their photography skills with some nature shots.

 They did some people shots, too!

 The kids found a turtle that I am pretty sure was terrified and traumatized.  
When they finally gave up on him coming out of his shell, they put him down and he ran away faster than any turtle was ever made to go.
There was a fallen tree to climb and play on
There was a soccer game that resulted in an injury of temporary blindness in one eye.  There was a spider bite.  There was a scrape.  My kids were absolutely positive that they were going to dehydrate and have a heat stroke.  They are not used to this kind of weather!!
The crew of kids
We served on church staff with Chris and Dori for almost 5 years.  
It was great to catch up for a few hours!
That night we went out to eat Mexican food with my parents and brother's family
You better believe I drank some sweet tea!
Love my babes
I even got a little baby fix from my niece, Briley
Her bday is one day after mine!
What Birthday at a Mexican restaurant would be complete without a big hat, singing Mexican men, and dessert on my face?
I am sorry, but I needed a Blizzard for dessert.  
One French Silk Pie Blizzard, Please!  
This girl was serious about her dipped cone.  
My dad is watching the entertainment.
The night ended with some gifts of cash, treats, and love from the family!!
It was a full, happy day.  I am one blessed 41 year old woman!!

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