Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Week of Fun!

If I had to give last week a name, it would be "Adjustment Week."  We were all so ready to be out of school, but the adjustment of all being back together was painful.  It usually is.  I just have to remind myself that we need to find a new rhythm and things will be better.  We got all the school supplies sorted and organized.  I got the backpacks cleaned or discarded whichever was appropriate.  I washed all winter coats and put them away.  We also did lots of clothing sorting.  We are having a yard sale later in the summer and my upstairs hallway is consumed by piles.  It is just part of the process, but still painful.  

This week began with hair braiding, haircuts, sending Cody off to Oklahoma, and VBS at church.
Laila being silly and entertaining me!
 Rick and Cody leaving to take him to join the team to head out to OK.
 We aren't getting many details of Cody's trip, but we have gotten a few pictures that give us a small glimpse into what they are doing and dealing with.  
 Cody hard at work.
 The Team
 I am so proud of our church.  They immediately sought to help once these tornadoes occurred.  They began collecting supplies right away and sent a 26ft. truck full of items that were needed.  Then, on really short notice, they gathered a team of 20 people to go this week to work and minister.  I cannot wait to hear all about the trip when they return tomorrow night!!

We made our summer fun/service list
 A whole week of VBS passed and this is the only picture I have. 
Isaiah and Laila are enjoying their Kona Ice at the VBS carnival.
 They had a great week at VBS.  1,000 kids makes for some pretty awesome worship.  Our church once again did such an amazing job.  They are so organized and really go above and beyond to make it fun to learn about Jesus!!

Last year during VBS, Sam asked Jesus into his heart, so last night we got to celebrate his spiritual birthday as a family(minus Cody).
 Sam chose a meal of Pioneer Woman Mac n' Cheese and Cheddar Bay Biscuits.  I added in some broccoli and watermelon to make it a tiny bit  more diverse.
 Can you see the carrot on his plate?  He loves to eat whole carrots.  
 For dessert we had Root Beer Floats!
 For his gift, I created a collage of his Baptism certificate and pictures of his baptism
We talked about how Samuel heard from God and how he heard from God on the day he was baptized.  I told him how proud we are that he listened to God and obeyed Him, and that we always want him to be listening to the voice of God.  This is his reminder of that day and that step of obedience that he took.

Now, we prepare for Cody to return and for our family to take a trip to KY to visit our family.  Our trip will be filled with driving thousands of miles, several Birthday parties, a wedding, sipping coffee on the porch, lots of sweet tea, some hanging out with Papa and Grammy's neighbors, playing with cousins, being spoiled by grandparents, visiting with old friends, eating some good ole southern food, and hopefully lots of relaxation.

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