Friday, March 22, 2013

World Water Day!!

Today is World Water Day.  I shared with you a couple of weeks ago the raffle that is going on at my friend, Mandy's blog.  We are so close to reaching that goal of $5,000 which will fund a new water system. 

Mandy has some amazing items for raffle.  Many of them you do not have to even live here to win.  

How cool would it be to add to your list of accomplishments today to be able to say, "Oh, and I helped fund a water system in Uganda!"

This program is about so much more than just clean water.  By the way, have you thought about how much you take clean water for granted?  

It is about empowering.  It is about sustainability.  It is about taking people beyond survival.  Hmmm, catchy name.  I feel pretty passionate about doing that.

"A well system means a well for at least 250 people in a village, a job for a caretaker to collect and sell water and a trained mechanic nearby. "

Mandy has added some new items to her raffle.  Oh, how I love that Africa necklace!! 
Every donation you make gets us closer to that goal of $5,000.  Every donation you make gets YOU closer to winning something really cool.  Every donation you make will change the lives of hundreds of people.  

Now, that my friends, is a pretty big accomplishment!

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