Friday, March 15, 2013

Mixed Blessings

I have experienced some really great blessings over the last couple of weeks.

Amidst those has been some drama, some stress, and maybe a little crying.

I just love it when God provides what we need.  I REALLY love it when God provides some things that we want.

I have experienced both of those provisions over the last 2 weeks and it just strengthens and encourages my faith so much each time it happens.

I feel like I should share God's goodness right now, not just for me to remember in the future, but maybe for someone reading this.  (Someone reading it now, or one of my kids reading it when they are older.)

I think I will break it down into Drama and Blessings.

~The Drama began last week with our garage door breaking.  It was broken for over a week while we waited for the part to come in.  I realized during that time how thankful I am for a garage to park my truck in.  We are used to loading up in a semi-warm vehicle each morning and NEVER having to scrape windows.  That was not the case for the last week.  The day it was fixed, I might have done a little happy dance in the garage!

~At the beginning of this year, I began making a list of household items that I wanted to save up for and purchase throughout the year.  One of those items was cast iron cookware.  I planned to buy a piece at a time and build up my collection.  Well, God just totally blew that out of the water when a friend gifted me with her set of cookware as she upgrades to something different.  WOW! What a Blessing!  Thank you God, and thank you friend for being so generous.  Now, all I need to get is a big pan to cook on the stove with and my set will be complete!!

~The Drama continues around here with a cold that is being passed around.  So far, it has taken out Lauren, Laila, Sam, and the newest member down, is ME!  I feel icky today.  I honestly would just prefer everyone to be sick all at once and get it over with.  Someone has been sick in our house since the beginning of February!

~Cody's wrestling season is winding down.  He had his last matches this week and will end the season tomorrow with a tournament.  He was injured in the ribs a couple of weeks ago, but has still been wrestling as much as he can endure.  The highlight of the season came this Tuesday when he had his first pin!!  I was so Blessed to be there to see that big moment.

~Just moments later, we a had a dramatic moment that continues to cause me stress.  I went to get in my truck after the match and someone had hit my vehicle and fled the scene.  The Blessing in all of this is that there was a witness that got all the info needed to catch the person.  Now, I am dealing with the drama of getting estimates and getting it fixed, but that $1,000 bill is being covered by the other person's insurance.  I can't stop thanking God for protecting us in this situation!!

~I was so Blessed to be able to send the money from our Giving of Life Grant and some other donations to the ABC Ministry in Swaziland this week.  I can't even express how excited I get to support the amazing work of Robyn and Gerry Richter!!  Thank you to everyone who invested in this project!

~I am reminded how Blessed I am with amazing friends over the last 2 weeks.  I have been able to spend time with some quality women who love the Lord, challenge me, and encourage me.  I know they are good friends when I can leave my time with them refreshed and encouraged!

~Operation Hair Braiding and Haircuts begins tomorrow.  Over the next week, I need to get Laila's braids out, get her hair moisturized, get new braids, and get haircuts for the rest of the kids.  That involves lots of Drama around here!

~Last night we were Blessed with not only a fun visit with a good friend, but she brought over all kinds of amazing clothes for Lauren, Abby, and me to look through.  It is like Christmas around here!!

In my old age (smile), I feel like I am settling into the ups and downs of life.  I am seeking desperately to see God in ALL of it and to keep the perspective of eternity more.  As I shared in a previous post, being able to commune with God in the midst of all the chaos is where I want to live!

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