Friday, March 11, 2011

My Week

This week feels like it needs to be communicated in short sentences. The things I am writing are the extras. The usual every day activities that involve keeping 6 children alive and functioning are not included below.

-Trip to Target
-Cardio Mix and Body Fit at the Y
-3 hours of working on my "price book"(I will write more about that later)
-Meet with Abby(we are going through a book together)

-MOPs leaders meeting
-Lunch with a friend
-During that lunch, the beginning symptoms of a Mega Migraine
-Bought my Dyson vacuum(I think we have already emptied that canister 4 times. Yes, my floors were that bad!)
-Quick trip to grocery store
-Lauren to the orthodontist(Yay! At least 6 more months until braces!)
-Migraine became full blown with head pain, nausea, and all around yuckiness
-To bed at 6:30 with a fitful, restless night

-Woke up with a Migraine Hangover(foggy head and fatigued)
-Free Chick-fil-a breakfast with a sweet tea
-Emotional meeting with a friend
-Nap to recover from the migraine

-Another trip to Target(having a hard time finding school pants for my daughters)
-Ultimate Conditioning at the Y
-Sorting 3 boxes of kids' clothes
-Bball practice for Sam
-Date with the hubby

-Breakfast with a friend
-Meeting with a friend
-Farmed out 4 big kids and 2 little ones napping while I catch up on computer work, phone calls, and scheduling for the fam's various events.
-Tonight - Bday party for a friend

Add into all of that, feeding, clothing, and transporting children. No wonder I feel tired. I am ready for the weekend!!

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  1. Love to you! Hope the weekend has been refreshing. It was good to see you today!