Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Funds For Swazi

I have been working and preparing, and now I am ready!! I am ready to start raising some money for Swaziland. Rick, Cody, Lauren, and I are all going on our team trip in June.

I am officially selling strawberry jam and wholegrain bread. A portion of the profits from the sales will go towards our trip and the other portion will go to Beyond Survival to support the ministry we do in Swaziland. To read more about this ministry, go to

Let me tell you a little about these products:
The bread is made from freshly ground wheat.
This is the good stuff, baby!
I will be preparing 2 kinds of bread to sell.
1. Honey Whole Wheat - This is a great sandwich bread.
2. Buttermilk Flax - This is also a great sandwich bread, but has more ingredients than the other with the added health benefits that come with ground flax.
Can't you just taste it now?
These breads have no preservatives and are made with the finest ingredients. They need to be consumed or frozen within a few days because they are so fresh!!
Strawberry Jam
This jam is so good, I can just eat it with a spoon without bread. Really, it is that good. I will NEVER eat store-bought jam again!

Price List
1. Honey Whole Wheat Bread - $5.00 per loaf
2. Buttermilk Flax Bread - $7.00 per loaf
3. Strawberry Jam $5.00 - 8 oz. jar
$8.00 - 16 oz. jar

If you are interested in purchasing any of these or have questions, comment on the blog or email me at Sorry, but I can only take orders in Colorado Springs. Also, please feel to free to share this opportunity for some yummy products to help a great cause with others.


  1. Put us down for 2 loaves of the honey wheat and 2 8 oz jars of jam :)

  2. Will you have some available for MOPS or can we order ahead?

  3. 2 - Honey Wheat
    1 - Buttermilk
    4 - 8oz jams

    Sounds soooooo yummy!

  4. want...want....want....!!!!Gotta see if it is in our April Grocery budget. :) will get back to you on that. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. I will take 2 loaves of honey wheat and 1 jar of 16 oz. jam! Hosanna
    ps I'm re-posing this blog!!

  6. 1 buttermilk flax and i 16 ounce jar of jam please :)

    (missed you last night...hope grateful to hear lauren is better)