Monday, July 20, 2009

Welcome to my World!!!

This blog thing is a big step for me. I have both wanted to do it and refused to do it all at the same time. You see, I have a desire to share what God is doing and keep everybody updated on our lives, but I also fear adding one more thing to my plate right now. My life has changed quite drastically over the last 4 months. Our family grew from 4 to 6 children through the adoption of Isaiah and Laila from Southern Africa. Reading blogs was a big part of the adoption process for me. It was actually through a blog of someone I have never met in person that God spoke to me for the first time about our calling to adopt. (Thanks, Jody for inspiring me and thanks, Mandy for connecting me to her blog!!!) My hope is to share what God is doing in our lives and have a sort of journal/scrapbook for our whole family to look back on.

I chose the title, "Welcome to my World" because this is a phrase I often use in our house. When someone in our house, mostly my husband, but also the kids, experiences the frustrations that I deal with relating to the running of our home, my response is always, "Welcome to my world." In that context it is mostly sarcastic, but I hope in this context it will also be positive. We often joke that the experiences of our life over the last year would have made a great reality show. Many days after some frustrating yet comical experience, I have wished for a venue like this to record what has happened. You just can't make up the stuff that happens to us. We have had so many people follow us and support us in the adoption process. We sent out regular updates through the process and now we continue those on this blog. So, hold on tight, I know I have to, and join the ride.


  1. love the pics of the kids. i will be your most faithful reader :)

    sooo excited!

  2. I hope to rival Mandy (whose blog I also follow religiously) in my dedication to your family blog! I love and believe in you, Laura - I'm so pleased to be welcomed to the world of one of the greatest mommies and women of God I am priviledged to know!