Thursday, February 6, 2014

Beyond Freezing!!!!

We have already had a pretty big winter and we haven't even reached our biggest snow months(March and April)!!!  (It seems that a lot of the country is having a big winter this year!)
 The kids are missing school.  Activities are getting cancelled.
The consumption of chai tea and hot chocolate has greatly increased in our house.
 It is messy
 I am so not a fan
 The worst part has been the temperatures.  This winter has had some EXTREMELY cold days.  
Here is the progression of temperatures yesterday(be sure to look at the "feels like" temps)

I cannot get warm.  I am wearing cuddle duds around the clock.  The wood windows in our house do not hold out the cold.  I am pretty sure I can feel breezes throughout the house.

This time last year, I was only a few days away from going to Hawaii to see this:
If only….

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