Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Spot of Tea (Said in my best British Accent)

My friend, Becky, and I were talking one day.  We realized in the discussion that both of our girls had talked about having tea parties, but had never had an official one.  Since we are not really the tea party type, we just had never done that with them.  Becky so graciously offered to host and wouldn't even let me bring food.  The girls dressed as princesses, and we chose to wear our peasant attire.  
The beautifully decorated table she set
 Princess Sarah and Princess Laila
 Becky has a collection of tea cups and we each chose which one we wanted to use.
Laila's choice
 Sarah's choice
 Sip, sip
 The girls had their own special strawberry tea, fruit, Nutella sandwiches shaped like hearts, cheese, and little rolls of sandwich meat.  It was quite fancy actually!
 The time was topped off with a heart sprinkled cupcake
It was so cute because the girls sat and ate very quietly.  After a while, we asked them if they wanted to go play.  Their answer:  A resounding YES!  They played and danced to Disney movie music.  It was a  delightful day, darling!

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