Sunday, January 12, 2014

~Ringing in the New Year~

We spent our New Year's Eve home doing our regular traditions.  Lauren was babysitting for part of the time, but she joined us later and still got to be a part of ringing in the New Year with us.  
Rick grilled some steaks and hot dogs.  I made some broccoli and baked potatoes.  
It was a yummy dinner.
 Cody got to open the New Year's Eve gift that is always some sort of game.  
 We continued our tradition of a dancing competition with our new game.

 I would like to announce that I was the 2013 Dance Competition Champion!!  I swept through the whole bracket without a loss.  Oh, yes, I did!

We did movies: "42" for the us and the 3 big kids, "The Croods" for the 3 younger kids.  Lauren arrived home during the movie.
Then, it was time for doughnuts and sparkling juice!

 I rang in the New Year with this little lady on my lap!
At midnight there are fireworks on Pikes Peak.  Laila and I sat here cuddled up under a blanket while the rest of the crazies ran outside to see the fireworks.

Bring it on, 2014!!

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