Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas Eve '13

Christmas Eve is always a really busy day for us.

It starts with the Annual Cookie Decorating Contest.

Then, we go to church for Christmas Eve Services.

The day ends with a feast of appetizers, opening ornaments, and Secret Santa gifts.

Not to mention the work that Rick and I have to do after they go to bed!!

I am going to share our day in pictures.  Let me warn you, there are A LOT!!
Let the cookie cutting and decorating begin!

 I cannot get this girl to look at the camera

 I would like to present the entries to the 2013 competition:
Cody's entry:  Olaf from Frozen(It says, "Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs")
 Rick's entry:  A Sony Playstation Controller
 Abby's entry:  Si from Duck Dynasty
 Sam's entry:  A 3D Snowflake
 My entry:  I call it, "The Real Gift, Jesus Christ"
 Laila's entry:  A very colorful Africa
 Lauren's entry:  A Starbucks Christmas Cup
 Isaiah's Entry:  A Polka-Dotted Africa
 And the Winner is:
Lauren's Starbucks Cup
 After cleaning up from our cookie contest, we got all dressed up for church.  The little ones got to wear their pajamas.
Looking down the row at my fam.  The empty spot is for Rick.
 Can I just say, a banjo and harp played with Christmas Music.  
Well done, MSC, Well Done!
 All Dressed Up!
 Christmas Eve Appetizers
 Silly Lauren
 Normal pic
 Next, it was time to open the ornaments for this year:
Lauren got a One Direction ornament
 Cody got a Fantasy Football ornament since this was his first year to participate with Rick
 Abby got a gymnast
 Sam got a Duck Dynasty "Si Tea glass"
 Laila got Doc McStuffins
 Isaiah got a boy with a tablet(this boy always wants to play video games of some sort)
 Thank you Aunt Kimberly and Uncle Andrew for the moolah!
 Setting out the cookies for Santa

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