Saturday, November 16, 2013

While We Were Gone

I have shared all about our trip to Swaziland, but I haven't shared what happened at home while we were gone.  We were so blessed to have Rick's mom come to stay with the kids.  It was a treat for the 5 who stayed home to have her here, and it made our going so much easier.  They had their own adventures.  Grandma was lots of fun.  I am going to share their time with you in pictures.  
There was lots of bike riding
 Miniature Golf
 Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
 Lauren did some cooking

 Grandma got to see their sports.
This is Lauren celebrating right after scoring a goal!
 Skate Park
 This boy loves the skate park
 Isaiah had his last soccer game and came home with a glow-in-the dark medal
 Church on Sunday
 A shot with Lauren
 Grandma makes a mean bowl of biscuits and gravy
 I have no idea how many times they went to the park.  
 I know it was a lot!
 Laila had school 3 days
 Gunther Toody's is always a favorite
 She is one brave woman to take care of all 5 of them for 11 days!!
 Some more park fun

 It even snowed while we were gone.  Grandma was thrilled!
 Roller skating

 Some very competitive games of Sorry
Grandma, Thank you so much for using your vacation time to come visit.  I love how you jump right in and spend time with the kids in every way possible.  You really made their time so much fun!  That made it so much easier for us to leave knowing they were in your loving, capable care.  It gave them some special ways to enjoy their Fall Break.  We love you and are so grateful for the way you blessed us!!

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