Sunday, November 24, 2013

Life with the Clapps

I would be lying if I didn't admit that reengaging life since the Swazi trip has been a challenge for me.  I don't know all the reasons.  I think some of it has been spiritual attack.  Some of it has been the crazy life we lead.  Some of it has been the adjustment I am still going through with my kids getting older.  It has truly been painful for me.  I am trying so hard to embrace it.  Honestly, I am still mourning the loss of the baby/toddler/preschool stage of children in our family.  

All the while, life still goes on around here.  I have a hard time sitting down to record it so I will share a lot of what has happened.  
Abby's spiritual bday was while we were in Africa.
Since we didn't have the fam there, we celebrated when we returned. 
We gave her a journal as her gift before the trip so she would have it to write in on the trip.
 Abby's Ice Cream Sundae
 We also celebrated our 10 year house Birthday by going to Old Chicago!
 I agreed to lead Isaiah's class Thanksgiving party.  His teacher's bday was the same day as our party so we celebrated her, too with flowers, singing, and gift cards!
 Our feast with a plethora of pies!
 I wonder where Isaiah sits?
 We played a math/coloring game
 We made a turkey craft
 If only...
 Lauren's class had their end-of-the season soccer party at Fargos

 Her coach with the Puma made by one of her teammates
 Laila saw The Little Mermaid for the first time this week.
She fell in love with Flounder.  
I love that she is wearing a Venom costume while she watches it.
 I saw this today and it cracked me up!  
Isaiah on his "tablet"(kid version) with a cup of coffee
My days have been filled with driving kids all over(school, sports, dr. appts., etc.)  The cold weather has arrived to Colorado so I am basically freezing all the time.    

We are very thankful to have this whole week off as a family for Thanksgiving.  We are looking forward to lazy mornings and wearing our jammies ALOT!!

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