Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pumpkins, Costumes, and Candy

I am only about 3 weeks behind on my blogging.  Sharing about Swaziland put everything else on hold.  I don't want to miss out on having our Halloween festivities recorded.  Halloween for us is about traditions, fun, friends, and CANDY!!  

Every year, the kids beg to each have their own pumpkin to carve.  Every year, it is just too painful for me to spend that much money on 6 pumpkins that I know will just rot on our front steps.  This year, I was heading to Walmart to buy a couple of pumpkins.  When I got there and saw that they were marked down to $2.50 each, I just had to surprise the kids with one for each of them.  
At this point, Cody and Lauren were working on homework.  They joined us later.
 Gut removal
 Some of my kids love this part, others hate it!!
 Isaiah's pumpkin
 Laila giving her mean face.  Ooh, scary!
 Love Abby's Africa
 Cody carved flames
 Lauren's pumpkin had quite the eyebrows and mustache
 And, of course Sam is picking his pumpkin's nose
 The Pumpkin Lighting
 Napoleon Dynamite
 This kid was so much like him, it was actually scary.  
He talked like him...
 …and even learned the dance.
 My little nerd...
 …and her nerdy friends
 We had a trio of Super heroes this year:
 Are you surprised to see this?
 This chick decided a long time ago that she wanted to be Iron Woman.  I suggested adding a tutu and hair bow and her red boots to make it look more like a woman, but she would have none of that.  She had to wear the costume just as it was made.  She even bought it with her own money.  She had so much fun being exactly what she wanted to.
Spider-man for the second year in a row
 "I'm Batman"(said in a very husky voice)
 Abby was a glow stick figure.  
 Blurry, but an idea of what it looked like
 The back of my truck on the way to our friends' house.
I felt very safe!
 We have spent at least 5 years with our good friends, The Fowlers, trick-or-treating in their neighborhood.  Micah even mapped out the route ahead of time this year being sure to include the house that gives out sodas.  It is so much fun.
The whole crazy crew
 Trick or Treat!!
It won't be long before this phase will pass.  I am enjoying it while we still have little ones to enjoy it!

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