Thursday, October 24, 2013

Swaziland - Day 3 - I'm In Love!

Monday of our trip was a day that was 7 years in the making for me.  Since Rick went on his first trip to Africa in '06, I have dreamed of meeting Robyn and Gerry Richter and the babies of ABC Ministry(Abandoned Babies for Christ).  There is a lot of despair that we see in Swaziland, but this is a place of HOPE!  The visit was all I hoped it would be and more!

Robyn and Gerry have literally committed their lives to loving and providing a home to the abandoned babies of Swaziland.  They provide a family for these babies with the desire that they will be adopted into forever families some day. 

Let me introduce you to Alex.  When we walked into their home, we were greeted by this little man with a big, "Hallo!"  He was such a cutie pie with a big personality.  I just love this pic of him in a pair of the jammies we got him.   
 Abby and Barry
Barry and me.  He is "Barry" cute!!
Robyn shared the whole story of how ABC came to be.  They did not choose this ministry.  God chose them and they have been obedient to follow Him each step of the way.  The thing I love about Robyn and Gerry is that they did not look the other way when they saw needs.  It is through the faithfulness in the little things that God has done some really big things with their lives.  
Robyn and April
Watching Robyn and her Aunties with these babies was such a treat!  They love them so well!
I just love everything about babies and these were no exception.  They smelled so good, just like babies should!  I could not get enough of these little love bugs!
Robyn and Gerry have cared for over 290 babies!!  Now that is a legacy for sure.
I want to be just like them when I grow up!!
Holly and Barry
(Holly was eating every minute of this up!)
Tino, the Man
A close up of little Tino.  So presh!
Joe hanging out with Ketura, Robyn and Gerry's 5 year old daughter.  
One more cuddly picture
Our time there flew by.  Rick had to make me leave.  I will never forget the love that I could tangibly feel and see in this place.  I want to be a part of what God is doing through Robyn, Gerry and all of ABC Ministries.  The one comfort that I had as we left is that we were going to stop by on our way out of town on Sat.  I pray for many more opportunities to see the work that they are doing!!

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  1. i LOVE that the babies smelled so good. that is so sweet!