Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And...We're Off!!


I am finishing up the last details today.

All of the trip stuff is complete.

Rick's mom is here ready to jump into the chaos!

I am calling today, "Grandma Orientation and Swazi Packing"

I have lists, calendars, a notebook, charts, you name it, to help things run as smoothly as possible.  

We have to do our personal shopping and personal packing for the trip.

We would love your prayers for us while we are gone:

1.  Prayers for safety and health.
2.  Prayers for us to be sensitive to the opportunities that God is opening up for us.
3.  Prayers for the relationships we are building for future ministry.
4.  Prayers for the hearts of those on the team as we are the hands and feet of Jesus.
5.  Prayers for anything that God puts on your heart to pray for us!

I am hoping to do some blogging while we are there, depending on our internet access.

I cannot wait to share the stories of what God does!!

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