Saturday, September 6, 2014

Tex Mex, Dallas Cowboys, Heat and Humidity, and Good Friends!! or Messin' With TX

In August of 1994, Rick and I packed everything we owned into a small moving truck to move to Dallas, TX.  We were one month shy of our 1st anniversary.  In that first year, we lived in KY working as school teachers at a Christian school, Glorieta, New Mexico on Staff with Centrifuge camp, and were now moving to Dallas, TX to attend Dallas Theological Seminary.  I remember the feeling I had as we pulled out of my parents driveway not knowing what adventures would lie ahead for us.  As a military brat, Rick had moved a lot growing up.  Not me, I lived in the same town my whole life.  Other than going to college in Virginia, I had not experienced life anywhere else than my small town of Glasgow, KY.  Little did I know that I would FALL. IN. LOVE. with TX and the people we would meet.  We lived there for 5 years, made some lifelong friends, gave birth to our first two babies there, loved attending Dallas Seminary, and both worked on staff at Brookhaven Church.  They were good years.  I miss TX almost every day.  Every time we visit, I wonder if I will still like it.  So far, it hasn't disappointed.  Over the years, Rick and I have visited as a couple and individually, but we have not taken the whole family since we adopted Isaiah and Laila.  We felt like it was time.   
So, we loaded up the truck and headed to the "Promised Land."
We only had a few days to spend, but we had some very specific things we wanted to do.  First on the list was doing a tour at the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  Now, if you don't embrace the awesomeness of the Dallas Cowboys, you will not fully appreciate the collection of photos I am about to share.  For those of you who do, come along for the tour.
Of course, we all had to wear our Cowboys gear!

The floor was being changed from the Beyonce' concert the night before so we didn't get to see the field fully intact.
 This is Jerry Jones' suite where he watches the games

Sam's souvenir

 Regardless of how you feel about the Cowboys, this stadium is spectacular
 Laila, our little football lover, said, "When I grow up, I want to work here!"  
She was in awe the whole tour

 The locker room was really nice
We call this boy, "Little Emmitt"

 Cody's press conference

We had such a great time.  We hope to go to a game as a family someday!!
That night, we partook of our favorite Tex Mex with some of our favorite Texans!
Uncle Julios is YUMMM-YYY!  Homemade tortillas, fabulous salsa, and the best fajitas around!
Their first taste of true Tex-Mex
 I love that KK got to meet my babies for the first time, and my babies got to meet her and her babies!!
 Sam pretty much fell in love with them
 Jack and Abby.  Love that little man!
 I got to go to Dallas a couple of weeks after this little guy was born and help out for a few days.  He has grown so much!!  I love his smiles!

 KK and the kids
 Of course, Isaiah fell in love with her
 We have known her since she was a 9th grader in our youth group!
 Noni, there are just really no words for how much you make me smile and laugh and sometimes blush! 
I will never look at memory foam the same way!
 Closest thing I have to a sister!! 
 I got some special time with these girls that night!  That was so fun.  
Missi, your sweet spirit is unmatched!  If only we lived closer!!
While we were in TX, Abby turned 12 years old.  
We started her day off with french toast
Lauren had a little french toast with her powdered sugar
 We spent the day at Hurricane Harbor Water Park.  With these temperatures(which I LOVE), we picked the perfect thing to do!!
(Instead of carting around a camera all day, I chose to spend my time doing water rides with the kids!)
 We ended our day sun kissed with dinner at Chick-fil-a!  
 Abby had her friend party when we returned to CO.
Another treat while in TX was seeing our beloved, Ms. Julie!!  She moved there in Oct.
We miss her and she misses CO.  
She came over to have big breakfast with us one morning
Stocking up on tickles
 Snuggle time
 We also got to spend an afternoon with the Barkers.  How I left there without pictures, I don't know.  
We served alongside them in ministry while we lived in TX.  Over the years, we have watched our kids grow up and reconnecting is always a treat!!  Thanks for having us over, Chris and Dori!
The big finale' of our trip was eating TX BBQ at Hard Eight
 Their jalapeño creamed corn was fantastic
 Getting to spend a little more time with these guys made it even better

I love TX.  I always will.  I think through this trip, a few of our kids fell in love with it, too!  It was a quick trip, and I could have stayed a lot longer, but I am so glad we got to go!!  Until, next time, TX!!

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  1. I totally GET it. Next trip..come see us too! Go Cowboys!