Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Journey Begins...

In just a few short hours, Sam and I will be on a plane crossing the ocean.  We have planned for this day for months, never imagining it would look like it does.  
In a matter of days, we have gone from this:
 and this:
 to this:
 His quote from this night he came home from the hospital as we had dinner at Cracker Barrel, "I feel like I am at a casino!  I have a beer(let me clarify that it was a root beer) and I am playing cards!"
and this:
Having a little 4th of July fun on the 5th of July since he missed out.
and this:
Finding out he was going to get to go to Africa after all!

I almost feel like this post will sound like an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards.  There are just so many people to thank.  So many people have come together to make this trip happen for us.  You have supported us financially.  You have donated supplies towards the trip.  You have prayed for us through all the unexpected twists and turns.  We will continue to share this journey with you whether it is as we go or when we return(all depending on our internet access along the way).  

I really believe this trip is about so much more than the actual trip.  We prayed about whether it was time for Sam to go.  We have seen God provide the means for him to go.  And then, BAM, appendicitis!  Never would I have dreamed that one up.  Heck, just a couple of days before I was worried about my infected toe.  Well, that became a non-issue really fast!  

God has His Hand on this little guy.  I pray that He uses all of these circumstances to shape and develop Sam and his faith even more.  He sure does have a story to tell when he gets back to school in August.  I really believe that story is going to be one he will look back on as he gets older.  This is one of those milestone moments in his life that he will never forget.  I am anxious to hear the lessons he feels like God it teaching him through all of this.  

As we head out today, we would appreciate your prayers for our journey.  Pray for his body to continue to heal.  He is doing great, by the way!  Pray for our travels.  There are lots of little details like short layovers and maneuvering in Africa that we need to go smoothly.  Pray for me.  I am a bit worn and weary.  I hope we can get some good rest on our long flight across the ocean.  Pray that this will be the adventure of a lifetime for Sam that God will use greatly in his walk with Him.

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