Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Great Season!

Lauren has definitely landed on soccer as her sport.  She and Rick have been enjoying the World Cup.  She had her best season yet this spring, and she is looking forward to playing on a new team with other girls from her school in the fall.  
She started her season with a new pair of cleats
 (I can hardly get anyone over the age of 10 in our family to let me take their picture!)
She has played with the same team, the Pumas, for two years now.
 This is what the little kids do during the games
 She plays forward
(I am really impressed with myself for knowing the name of her position.  I did not grow up watching soccer.  I don't think I will ever understand the off sides rule!)
Here she is going for the score
 She scored 6 goals this season.  
 That means she got 6 Starbucks Fraps from her Daddy!
 Coach Kevin has been so great!
He is very interactive with the girls.  Team building is a priority for him.
He even does the "Pump it up" cheer with them while jumping in a circle
They also pray before each game together
 He models good character and sportsmanship for them.  That is way more important to me than seeing them win at any cost.  They had a decent season with an equal number of wins and losses.  
 Lauren's footwork has really improved over the season
 She is also a great passer
 She has gained more confidence and become more aggressive this season.
 She really hopes to play on the high school team in a couple of years
 I love seeing my kids find their passions, and this is definitely one of hers
 She was definitely a leader on the team

 Here is to another great season!

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