Thursday, May 19, 2016

Counting Down to Swaziland

We are 3 weeks and 2 days from our departure for Swaziland!!  We are taking a team of 21 people on this 10th anniversary trip.  Almost half of those people are between the ages of 13-19.  I love to see God raising up another generation of people who are passionate about this little country that has captured our family's heart.  I really never could have dreamed this life up on my own,

Our home office and the back of my truck are filling up with supplies to deliver.  I am reminded of the generosity, sacrifice, and faithfulness of those that accompany us on this journey.

Holly Port has been donating hundreds of dollars of soap and other homemade bath products every year for the last 10 years through her business Lotion Bar Cafe.  Look at this beautiful box of soaps that we get to deliver, along with lip balms and lotion bars.  Holly's products are the only thing I use and love that we get to share those in Swaziland.

My friends, Kathleen and Becky, have been making hats for the babies and children who are in the orphanage and abandoned baby home that we will deliver.  It is winter in Swaziland and neither of these places have central heat.  It can get in the 30s at night.  Every piece of winter clothing we take makes such a difference.  These little hats have been made with so much love and care.   

 Mountain Springs Church, where Rick is on staff, has a collection bin that we expect to get lots of donations in over the next couple of weeks.

We have a small group of faithful donors that give to Beyond Survival on a monthly basis throughout the year.  Those donations enable us to purchase much need supplies to take on this trip and give us the funds to meet needs that God brings to our attention while we are there.  

As a result of this 10th anniversary trip, Beyond Survival will have had the privilege of taking over 100 individuals to Swaziland over the last 10 years.  11 of this year's team members are returning, several of which have been 3 or more times!!!

This whole thing is so much bigger than us.  God has brought together an army of people to invest in this ministry and the many ministries that we work with on the ground.  It is just so encouraging to look back and so exciting to look forward to the years to come.  

Lauren and Abby are returning to Swaziland for a second time.  They both felt like God was calling them on this trip.  Rick and I firmly believe that when our kids hear from God, we want to do everything in our power to support and encourage their obedience to Him.  We believe that when God calls, He will provide.  We are seeing that happen.  So many of you have invested in this opportunity for them to go.  Words cannot even express our deep gratitude for your belief in them and this ministry.  At this point, they have 85% of their funding raised.  As the June 11 date approaches, we are expectantly waiting on God to fulfill this need and provide 100% of their funding.  We are humbled and amazed to continually see his Provision in our personal lives and in the ministry of Beyond Survival.  God is building Lauren's and Abby's faith as they once again see Him as their Provider and see His people as vessels of His Provision.  If you would like to invest in their trip, you can follow this link.  Click on "Choose Designation" and choose "Swaziland Trip - Clapp Family."   Any donation you make is tax deductible and will help Lauren and Abby reach their goal.

 As we get closer to the trip, I will share prayer requests with you.  We need prayer support through this whole process.  There is so much going on in the spiritual realm as it relates to the work we are doing in Swaziland.  Our team would covet your prayers during this time.

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