Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Invested - Don't Miss This Opportunity

A few years ago, I was feeling very "spent" (actually, most days I still feel spent, but that is beside the point.)  Then, I heard a sermon by Rick Warren.  In it, he talked about not "spending our lives, but investing them."  He explained that once we spend ourselves or our money, that it is gone.  There is nothing to really show for it long term.  BUT, when you invest yourself or your money, there is a return.  I really try to live by that principle of investing myself, my time, and my money rather than just spending it.  As you can tell by my parenthetical statement in the first sentence, I am not always successful at the investing thing.  When I take the time to see my life as an investment, it really makes all the difference.

I have an opportunity to share with you where you can invest in the lives of people, not just spend your money.  Over the last few years, my friend Mandy Houle has been leading others by investing and calling us to invest in clean water.  God had done amazing things through the "fishes and loaves" that she has offered.  I have had the opportunity to be a part through donating items for the raffle and even winning a couple of times.  Let me tell you, her enchiladas and guacamole and Sassy Sweet's cupcakes are AMAZING!!

This year, I have taken one of my new passions, essential oils, and am sharing those as a part of the raffle.  I have donated a bottle of Thieves Oil and Lemon Oil from Young Living.  I LOVE these oils and think you will, too.  More than that, I love investing.  God can take all of our small investments and bring a BIG RETURN in the lives of His people.

So, pretty please, will you go here and join us with your own investment.  Hey, and you may even win a cool prize.  BUT, even if you don't, you are investing in clean water.  You are investing in the lives of people.  You are investing in sustainability.  What better return could you get for you money!!

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