Thursday, November 13, 2014

Keeping Us Healthy!!

I need to start this post with a disclaimer.  So, here it is:
*I am not a medical professional, and cannot treat, cure or diagnose you. Always consult a doctor first. More than likely your doctor will not be trained in essential oils and will not know all the facts about them, so do your own research first. We are our own advocate.  I am just sharing my experience and how essential oils have helped my family*

I have been on a journey over the last year that has really changed our family's health.  I wanted to share it because I continue to be amazed at the results I am seeing and so wish I have found this solution earlier!!

In October 2013, I began hearing about Essential Oils.  I went to a class that explained some of the benefits and uses and very skeptically decided to give them a try.  It all sounded like a bunch of hocus pocus to me, but I felt like it was worth a try to purchase one oil and test it out on my kids.  So, I did my own little experiment to see what would happen.  I originally started with a very well known company, but have since switched to a different one.  I have been very pleased with Young Living Essential Oils and have jumped in full force over the last 2 months.
 There were a couple of things that drew me to this company.  The main one is their "Seed to Seal Quality Commitment."  Basically, it guarantees that they are overseeing the whole process from the planting of the seed to the sealing of the bottle of essential oils.  They will not sell a product that does not meet all of the tests they put them through.
 I started by using an immunity type oil similar to Young Living's Thieves Oil.  I began using it on my kids' feet(those that would let me, meaning the younger ones) the minute they started feeling sick.  I would rub it on their feet about every 2 hours.  I found that most sicknesses we encountered were shortened and much less intense than others around us.  In the span of a year, we only had two sicknesses that led to actual doctor's visits.  This may not mean anything to you, but if you saw our doctor visit count from years past, you would know what a big deal this is.  About three months in, I decided to add lavender, lemon, and peppermint oils.  I have since found those to be a staple in our house and use each one of them almost daily.

I could go on and on about the results I have seen.  I also feel like it is important to mention that I have done a ton of research and study to fully understand how to properly use these oils.  I would not recommend going into this blindly without some help.  They are powerful, natural tools that require proper use.  It would be impossible in this one post for me to go into all the details that I have learned over the last year.  BUT, I would love to sit down and talk to anyone who would want to learn more.  I am also working on an intro class that I could offer to those who are interested.

In September, when I decided to switch to Young Living Oils, I decided to go all in.   I purchased their Premium Starter Kit that would not only give me 11 oils to add to my collection, make me a wholesale member where I could purchase my oils at a discounted price(24% off) from that point forward,
 but also, gave me a diffuser, which was a new level of essential oil use for me.
Right now, I have "Christmas Spirit" diffusing in my kitchen.  
 I share all of this, because, as I said earlier, I so wish I had known about these sooner.  First, of all, my older kids just think I am crazy and will not receive the oils as treatment as often as I wish they would.  I have seen some breakthroughs over the last few months and have been able to use them in a limited amount on them, but not like I want to.  My younger kids are fully on board and actually enjoy getting treated with oils!

Secondly, I feel like I could have avoided so many dr. visits and bills if only I had these when they were younger.  I am not opposed to doctors and medicine.  I just feel if there is a natural alternative, I would rather start with that.  Antibiotics and other medicines are way overused in our country and come with SO MANY side effects.  I want to save the times that I use them for when I REALLY need them and avoid them when there are other solutions.

I have found this book that I purchased on Amazon to be a great resource and educational tool for my oily journey.   
I would love to share more with anyone who is interested in trying essential oils.  I can make no guarantees or claims, but I can tell you my experience and what has worked for me.  I also would be glad to share my wholesale discount with anyone who wants to give an oil or two a try.  That is how I started and would love to help you get started with less cost involved.  Oils can be pricey, but they are powerful and a tiny bit goes a long way.  A bottle of Thieves will last me a few months and we have 8 people in our family.  I place an order each month and could add any oils to that for you.  My next order will be December 2 to ensure Christmas delivery.  

Also, Young Living is changing their Everyday Oils kit to the oils below
If you want to become a wholesale member, you can do it a few ways.  You can join for $40 with the Basic Starter Kit, get some samples and info about their oils with that membership and move forward purchasing oils at the discounted price(24% off).  Or, you can jump in like I did in Sept., purchase the Premium Starter Kit, where you get the diffuser and some other samples along with the wholesale membership for $150.  It sounds like a lot, but it is actually valued at $300.   They also have several other starter kits with different themes to them.  I can help you sign up for any of those you might want.

You can check out the Young Living website here.  All prices on this website are the retail prices, not the wholesale discount.  If you have questions or want to know more, please let me know.  I really love sharing about these oils.  They have become a passion of mine.

I wouldn't be sharing the whole story if I didn't share some of the other things we have done to keep everyone healthy around here.  I give my kids Vitamin D and Fish Oil Gummies daily.  We also use Emergen-C when the first signs of sickness hit.  Abby uses the Neti Pot for her sinus issues(I add some essential oils into that).  Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar is also our friend.  I also create a detox bath that includes oils and other ingredients when sicknesses hit.  I also decrease the kids' sugar intake when sickness seems to be starting.  Overall, we have almost eliminated the need to go to the doctor for winter sicknesses(Now that I have said that, we will probably have to go next week!)

If you are still reading, you deserve a medal.  I could go on and on about this subject.  I am just so thankful to have this natural way, from plants that God created to help our family stay healthy!!

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